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Since 1996 Giacomo Grassi produces in the Chianti Classico area, in the heart of Tuscany, his monocultivar oils that have been awarded several times both in Italy and in Germany. For years Giacomo Grassi has studied and perfected the art of cultivation, harvesting and processing.

For example, there are three oil mills where olives are processed and bottled, based on which processing methods and which characteristics of the machines lead to better oil. For each monocultivar there is a precise moment of the harvest, that has to be respected.

The attention and love for the extra virgin olive oil product is found in every drop of these precious monovarietals and it is a pleasure to feel all this smelling and tasting his products. Let yourself be convinced!

The Giacomo Grassi farm was born in 1999 from the fusion of three uncultivated lands bordering those of the Grassi family. With the help of his sister Debora, the olive groves and vineyards were restored.

At the moment the Giacomo Grassi farm has an area of 25 hectares. Native varieties have been planted in the new olive groves.


This is how Giacomo Grassi was born - Historical notes

In the early eighties Rolando Grassi and Elena Grassi bought the land adjacent to their house, where they gave life to what was the dream of a sharecropper's son, to have a company without owners, thus becoming the owner and sole referee of their daily newspaper and that of his family.

Rolando and Elena thus began a total reform of the vineyards and olive groves, with burglary work and planting of new plants, redesigning the profile of the company.

They trace a furrow in the land that metaphorically marks the beginning of a path shared by their family and their children who collect the meaning and make it their own by investing energy, resources and passion in order to evolve and improve the business environment and the products that are born from it.

Since 1996, together with his son Giacomo, who has studied and perfected the art of growing and producing extra virgin olive oil, he has been producing monovarietal olive oil for the first time. The first monovarietal olive oil was born and named after his grandfather "Olinto" in memory of those who bathed the land with the sweat of their foreheads, without ever losing the smile and the desire to joke typical of the Tuscan Doc.

In 1999 Giacomo created the Giacomo Grassi farm from the fusion of three lands bordering those of the family. Today it has a farm area of 25 hectares where in the new plants are planted only native varieties.

The love for monocultivars has led Giacomo to select not only the types of olives, but also the methods of extraction that each needs, to choose different types of oil mill for the extraction of oil so that taste and fragrance are always at their best in these precious products that we are going to present.

Products of Giacomo Grassi


Oli monocultivar Extra Vergine


Olio DOP "Chianti Classico" Biologico

Nuova collectione

Oli monocultivar Extra Vergine

Vinsanto & Grappa

Vinsanto Chianti Classico DOC

That says the press

"A really good debut for the family Grassi, who have charmed the panel with an excellent product. [...] We recommend the the Extra Vergine Olinto - Frantoio Pdo Chianti Classico"


"Giacomo Grassi coltiva gli oliveti distribuiti in 16 ettari nelle vicinanze di Firenze. Grazie alle sue vaste ed approfondite conoscenze è quasi ogni anno presente nella nostra selezione. L'olio Monocultivar Moraiolo di Grassi è particolarmente adatto per gli esperti!"

Der Feinschmecker, 2010

"Grazie per il consiglio dell'olio di Giacomo Grassi, incredulo di ricevere una visita dal Nord Europa, perchè grazie a Merum è diventato là conosciuto."

Franz Simböck, Wien, 2012 - Leserbrief an Merum

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